UAW’s Response to the Republican Proposal to Eliminate the Tuition Waiver Tax Exemption

In a statement published on the UAW Region 9A website, regional director Julie Kushner criticised Congressional Republican’s proposal to eliminate the tuition tax waiver exemption. This proposal, if passed, would double the taxable income of most graduate students, thereby drastically reducing the accessibility of affordable higher education to most graduate students, especially international graduate students, and students from economically-disadvantaged communities. UCONN takes pride in its record of excellence in teaching; its inclusive, diverse, and vibrant campus community; and its scientific and research advancements on the national and global stage. Every day, over 2000 teaching assistants and research assistants work hard to make this a reality. Eliminating GAs’ access to affordable education will only serve to hinder UCONN’s ability to recruit the best and the brightest graduate instructors and researchers from around world. As the state’s flagship university, accessible and affordable higher education is fundamental to UCONN’s mission of building a stronger, more diverse, and more competitive Connecticut. It is imperative that our state policymakers and representatives recognize graduate employee’s critical and singular role in insuring a brighter future for UCONN and Connecticut. To learn more about these proposed cuts and to learn how you can contact your representatives to express your concerns, visit our 2017 Tax Bill Action page.