Proposed Bylaws Amendments


Motion to amend Article 14, Section 3:

Section 3. All members in good standing shall be nominated automatically for all Local Union offices. Any member may accept nomination by submitting in writing a statement of acceptance to the Recording Secretary of the Elections Committee. Members may only accept nomination for one (1) Executive Board position. The statement of acceptance shall state how their name should appear on the ballot. Each member accepting nomination may also submit a candidate statement of up to five hundred (500) words to the Recording Secretary. Statements of acceptance and candidate statements may be submitted separately or together, and may be submitted in person, by physical mail, or by e-mail. Statements of acceptance and candidate statements must be received by the Recording Secretary no later than ten (10) fourteen (14) days after the notice for nomination. After the deadline on accepting nominations has expired, no election of write-in candidates shall be accepted. All Local Union executive officers shall be elected at-large, by a majority of votes cast, for three (3) year terms.


Motion to amend Article 18, Section 4c:

(c) Transportation: all air travel must be approved by the Executive Board or President in advance; the actual cost of airfare not to exceed coach fare, or the IRS rate up to 57 cents per mile, when driven, whichever is more economical. Expense for transportation is to be paid for the actual mode of transportation used. Mileage expense can only be paid to the driver of the automobile. A maximum of $50 per round trip for transportation to, or parking at, an airport will be reimbursed with receipt when traveling on Union business.


Motion to amend Article 19, Section 1:

Section 1. The President and the Financial Secretary shall be a paid positions (20 hours per week). The Vice President and the Financial Secretary shall each be a paid positions (10 hours 20 hours per week). The Local Union shall pay salaries unless paid by the University of Connecticut or the International Union, UAW. These officers may decline such pay in whole or in part.


Motion to amend Article 11, Section 1:

Section 1. The Local Union shall have the following standing committees:


Bylaws Committee

Citizenship and Legislative Committee

Civil and Human Rights Committee

Community Service Committee

Conservation/Recreation Committee

Consumer Affairs/Union Label Committee

Education Committee

Health and Safety Committee

Veteran’s Committee

Women’s Committee

Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice Committee


Other committees shall be established as needed by the Executive Board.