New Steward Districts Ratified

At the first membership meeting of the 2017-2018 academic year, on September 23, 2017, the Executive Board voted to ratify districting changes recommended by the Guide. The new districting scheme will be valid until the end of the 2018-2019 academic year, notwithstanding any need for additional reassessment due to major and sudden changes in the composition of the graduate student composition at UCONN.

Changes included in the new districting layout and the reasons for the changes are as follows:

1) Creation of two Districts representing Regional Campuses
Great travel distance between the Avery Point and Hartford campuses, and differences in the academic and professional needs of the two warrants separate representation for each. Hartford and Stamford Campuses (MBA, Public Policy, and Social Work) are now included in District 1A, and Avery Point (Marine Sciences) is now included in District 1B. Each regional district will therefore have one steward, for a total of two stewards representing the regional campuses.

2) Moving the Mathematics Department from District 2 to District 3
The Mathematics Department has moved from the Gant building to Monteith, which is located in the core geographic area of District 3.

3) Moving the Kinesiology Department from District 3 to District 4
The Kinesiology Department has moved to Horsebarn Hill, which is geographically closer to District 4. Kinesiology was also the only department in the School of Agriculture not included in District 4.

4) Moving the Chemistry Department from District 4 to District 2
District 4 is largely dominated by the social science and humanities departments, and so the Chemistry Department is a better fit for the academic concentration of District 2 departments.

5) Moving the Physics Department from District 2 to District 4
To create a more balanced representation between the two districts.

Except for District1, the number of stewards for all the Storrs districts (Districts 2-5) will remain the same. Under the new scheme, each steward on the Storrs campus (7 stewards per district) will represent an average of 73 GAs. For more details about the breakdown of each individual district, please visit our Officers & Stewards page.

According to Article 10 of GEU Bylaws, for the purpose of steward representation, the bargaining unit shall be divided into a number of districts that together encompass every GA. Your District is determined by your academic program, though they are somewhat geographically clustered. Possible changes to the the number of districts, their boundaries, and the number of Stewards representing each district shall be suggested by the Guide at least every two years in order to account for any changes in steward representation due to graduation, changes in enrollment, and departmental moves.

Per our Bylaws, GEU will be electing new stewards in the 2017-2018 academic year for another two-year term.