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A Union derives its strength from an active and participatory membership. The GEU-UAW is a democratic institution whose direction is guided by the rank and file membership. To have your voice heard in internal decision-making, receive important information by email, and to build a strong majority union, please become a member today! To become a member, simply download a membership form. You may also contact us and a representative will schedule a time to visit you with a membership form and answer any questions you may have.

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Membership Meetings

At least one regular membership meeting shall be called monthly with additional meetings called as required, in compliance with the International Constitution.

Notice of the meeting time and location shall be given to the membership by e-mail and by posting on the Local Union website and at the Local Union office at least fourteen (14) days in advance for special membership meetings and seven (7) days in advance for regular membership meetings. The schedule of regular meetings for each semester shall be decided at the first monthly meeting of the semester and posted on the Local Union website and at the Local Union office.

Regular membership meetings will be held only during the fall and spring semesters, as defined by the academic calendar. The Local Union shall strive to hold at least one membership meeting per academic year at a regional campus.

The GEU-UAW will hold general membership meetings at the following dates, times, and locations for Spring 2018:

January 31st @ 6PM – Gentry 144, Storrs Campus
February 28th @ 6PM – Gentry 144, Storrs Campus
March 28th @ 6PM – HTB 226, HARTFORD Campus
April 25th @ 6PM – Gentry 144, Storrs Campus

The first GEU Executive Board meeting of Spring Semester 2018 will be held on:

February 21st @ 6PM – GEU Office