Officers & Stewards

Executive Board

The Executive Board is made of the Local Union Officers and is the governing body of the Local Union; between meetings of the membership, it carries the highest authority of the Union. Its members are elected to three-year terms. The duties of the Local Union Officers are listed in Article 40 of the UAW International Constitution.

The list below includes the programs of the Officers. Click on their names for email addresses:

Steven Manicastri President, Political Science
Mary Bugbee Vice-President, Anthropology
Kate Ragon Recording Secretary, Sociology
Danielle Bousquet Financial Secretary, Educational Psychology
Madelynn von Baeyer Sergeant-at-Arms, Anthropology
Siavash Samei Guide, Anthropology
Monique Golden Trustee, Educational Leadership
Neil Oculi Trustee, Geography
Shaznene Hussain Trustee, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies


Dan Graham English
Adam Jacobs UAW


A steward is a volunteer who helps tie the membership of the Local Union together. Stewards talk to Union members, help sign up new members, and assist with the filing of grievances. There is approximately one steward per 75 graduate employees. The Local is divided into five Steward Districts, and stewards are charged with representing every employee in their District. If you need help from the Union, your Steward can be a good place to start.

Most Districts contain 525 graduate employees and thus 7 stewards. If you need to know what District you fall into, click here.

District 1
Glenn Mallory School of Business–Hartford

District 2
Alexandra Trausch Physiology and Neurobiology
Armin Tahmasbi Rad Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Bradley Clarke Physics
Drew Clearfield Materials Science & Engineering
Nasser Khakpash Materials Science & Engineering
Thomas Reid Institute of Materials Science

District 3
Brooks Kirchgassner Political Science
Christos Christopoulos Linguistics
Hoda Atef Yekta Business (OIM)
Sabine Laszakovits Linguistics
Thomas Briggs Political Science

District 4
Dan Graham English
Greg Vaughan Statistics
Krista Dotzel Anthropology
Laura Wright English
Maggie Stack History
Ordoitz Galilea Sociology

District 5
Abed Ghanbari Biomedical Engineering
Ben Lai Educational Psychology
Eva Li Educational Psychology
Jeffrey Bolkhovsky Biomedical Engineering
Jordan Walsh Educational Leadership
Michael Mallery Educational Leadership
Paul Singleton II Educational Psychology