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All graduate employees at the UCONN, with the exception of the Health Center in Farmington, are members of the GEU-UAW Local 6950’s bargaining unit. Our Local negotiates our contract with the University, strives to improve our working conditions every day, fights for our right to a safe and harassment-free working environment, and works hard to constructively engage with the world beyond UCONN. By becoming a member you will have your voice heard in internal decision-making, receive important information by email, and will become part of a strong majority. Our Local derives its strength from active and participatory membership. Our Union is a democratic institution whose direction is guided by the rank and file membership.

So please become a member today! Simply click on the box below and download the pdf from. You may then contact us to schedule a brief appointment with one of our representatives who will take your form and will answer any questions you may have.

Membership Form


File a Possible Grievance

Our contract enumerates our rights as employees. These rights include, but are not limited to, access to 1) quality and affordable healthcare, 2) workload protection, 3) safe working environment free of hazards, harassment, and discrimination, 4) leaves of absence, 5) maternity leaves, and 6) contractually defined paychecks, annual increases in stipend, and annual reductions in fees.

GEU-UAW Local 6950 has a strong and clearly defined grievance procedure in our collective bargaining agreement with the University. If you feel that your rights or the contract has been violated, please contact us directly or contact one of the Stewards in your district immediately to discuss the issue. You may download the Step 1 Grievance Form below. However, given the complexities of filing a grievance, we recommend that you first speak with one of our representatives who will assist you in completing the form should the need arise.

Grievance Form


Apply for Childcare Reimbursement

As enumerated in Article 23 of our contract, the University annually allots funds to reimburse members of Local 6950’s bargaining unit for childcare expenses at licensed childcare facility or bona fide institutional afterschool programs. As of 8/28/17, the Local will no longer accept paper or email versions of the child care reimbursement application. We now offer and require all applications to be completed using the Google form. To complete the form, you will need the same information, including your employee id #, itemized receipts, and proof of employment.

For your convenience, we have included a FAQ at the start of the application. Please read the FAQ thoroughly before starting the application. Applicants will be allowed to update their application until 11:59 pm on the date of the deadline. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS OR OTHER VERSIONS OF SUBMISSION WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Please complete the Childcare Reimbursement Application Form for September 1st-December 31st, by January 15 at 5PM.

If you have questions, please email using the following subject: Child Care Application.

Link to Application:

Childcare Form