As the organized voice of graduate assistants at UConn, members and officers of GEU-UAW Local 6950 avidly pursue local, national, and international events. On occasion, Local 6950 may take an official stance and resolve to act on particular issues, especially as they pertain to labor rights, job quality, and social justice issues. These official stances, known as resolutions, are brought before the membership at monthly meetings for discussion, debate, and a vote. Upon majority approval by the membership, the resolution is then officially adopted.

Below you may find a copy of resolutions adopted by GEU-UAW Local 6950:


Resolution Against the Dakota Access Pipeline and in Favor of a Just Transition to a Clean Energy Future; Adopted unanimously by members on October 10, 2016


Resolution to Support the Demands of the November 9th Rally for the People Held at UConn, Storrs; Adopted unanimously by the Executive Board on November 14, 2016