Section 1. The University will provide office space, desk space, laboratory and other facilities, equipment and materials necessary for the performance of the duties assigned to a GA.

Section 2. If the University requires a GA to purchase job-related materials or equipment, the GA shall be reimbursed for those costs. GAs shall be reimbursed for the cost of equipment or materials purchased by the GA to perform the GA assignment if the GA had prior written approval for such purchase from the GA’s department head and followed all relevant University and State of Connecticut procurement and purchasing requirements. Absent such written approval, a GA shall not be required to purchase such equipment or materials to perform the GA’s assignment.

Section 3. Personal computers, home printers and printing supplies, calculators, reference materials, electronic media, home internet access and the like, which are provided and used by graduate students in the course of their graduate studies, are not considered reimbursable for purposes of this article, unless the GA has been required to purchase and use the item for GA work pursuant to Section 2.