Section 1. The parties recognize that the University has discretion over who is hired as a GA, the qualifications for GA positions and the methods used to make such hiring decisions.

Section 2. The parties also recognize that GA appointments are usually made without posting, including appointments at the time of admission, through departmental assignment, in connection with advising relationships with faculty members, and through arrangements made between departments.

Section 3. On occasions when a University unit decides to open a Graduate Assistants opportunity to more widespread or University-wide application, these procedures shall be followed:

A. The University shall create and maintain a website for posting of information regarding such GA opportunities as a University unit decides to advertise. The University shall notify the Union of the address of the website within 30 days of ratification of this agreement.
B. The University will post information on the website concerning such GA openings as soon as reasonably practicable.
C. The website shall contain the following information with respect to each position posted there:

1. A description of the position and the qualifications required to apply for it.
2. An employment non-discrimination statement.
3. The procedure required to apply for the job, including the name and location of the office where inquiries and applications may be made.