Section 1. If the University makes an offer for appointment to a Graduate Assistant position and the individual to whom the offer was made accepts it in a timely manner, the terms of the offer including level of compensation, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment shall be honored by the University during the term specified in the offer of appointment. This provision does not and shall not be interpreted to excuse any GA from fulfilling the proper and complete performance of the functions of the GA position subject to Article 24 (Discipline and Dismissal) or applicable academic standards.

Section 2. By providing written notice and supporting documentation at least 20 days in advance of the start of the appointment, a GA may turn down one or more semesters of an appointment to accept an extramural or other fellowship or for another reason granted by the University. If a GA turns down one or more semesters, as set forth in this Article, the time off shall be unpaid and the GA shall be responsible for tuition and fees, if applicable, and the duration of the original appointment shall not be extended.