Section 1. Each offer of appointment or reappointment to a Graduate Assistant position shall be made by the University in writing and shall state:

(1) whether the position is a Teaching Assistantship, Research Assistantship or a combination of research support and teaching; and

(2) the term of the appointment or reappointment. Offers of appointment or reappointment to a GA position shall be for a minimum term of one semester.

Section 2. The parties recognize appointments for an academic year or longer are generally in the mutual interest of the University and the GA. Nothing in Section 1 shall prevent or discourage departments from making appointments or reappointments that exceed one semester. Appointments exceeding one academic year may be made contingent on available funding.

Section 3. The University shall provide a written letter offering an individual an appointment or reappointment.

(a) The University will make reasonable efforts to notify incoming students of their appointments by April 1.

(b) The University will make reasonable efforts to notify continuing students of Fall Semester appointments by June 15.

(c) For students whose appointments begin in any other semester, the University will make reasonable efforts to notify students of their appointments at least 60 days prior to the beginning of the work assignment.

Section 4. The letter of appointment shall include the following information:

a. Appointment title
b. Appointment percentage of Full Time Equivalent
c. Effective dates or duration of the appointment
d. Hiring unit
e. Hiring unit contact
f. A brief summary of the general nature of required duties
g. Stipend
h. Reference to source of information on health and other applicable benefits
i. Tuition and fee waiver or remission information
j. Response requirements, if any
k. A statement that the position is covered by this collective bargaining agreement
l. A web address provided by the Union for GEU-UAW contact information, informational materials, and membership card.

Section 5. Supplemental Description of Duties: At least thirty (30) days prior to the commencement of each academic semester, the University shall make reasonable efforts to provide GAs with applicable documentation detailing the specific duties of the appointment for that semester, which may include:

a. assigned course, lab, research project, or position;
b. the faculty member or supervisor to whom the GA will report;
c. the duties that the GA will be required to perform;
d. course meeting times and location (if applicable);
e. the maximum number of students for which the GA will be responsible per class, section, lab, etc.;
f. work location. Departments may use the sample Description of Duties forms attached hereto to as Appendix or may create their own forms.