Section 1. To the extent permitted by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the University shall provide the Union electronically with data about the bargaining unit as provided in this article. At the beginning of each semester, the University shall provide the Union electronically with the roster of the bargaining unit, including for each member: full name, employee identification number, appointment start date, appointment end date, job title, appointment type (teaching, research or teaching/research combination), percent appointment level, pay step (beginner, masters candidate, PhD candidate), bi-weekly stipend, work department or hiring unit, work location and department head. The University shall also update the roster at least monthly.

Section 2. The University will include in its template for GA offer letters a provision by which the GA consents to the disclosure of such information to the Union. Before implementing such language the University will provide it to the Union for review and comment. The Union agrees that it will not re-disclose in violation of FERPA any personally identifiable information from education records that it receives pursuant to this provision.

Section 3. The Union may use the University mail service under the current policy for registered organizations. Pursuant to the policy, the Union understands that it shall pay the regular rate, that its materials may not interfere with other official University obligations, and that such materials shall be accompanied by a statement that they are not official publications of the University.

Section 4. Following ratification and approval by the parties, the University shall publish the collective bargaining agreement on a designated website.

Section 5. The Union may arrange for the use of University conference rooms and meeting space on the same basis as other unions recognized by the University.

Section 6. The University shall notify newly appointed GAs of their membership in the bargaining unit and shall supply them with the link for the Union’s website where they may access membership information and forms.

Section 7. The Union shall furnish the University with a written list of the Union’s officers and other authorized representatives and shall update the list when changes occur. The University shall deal with such individuals as representatives of the Union for purposes of investigating, presenting and settling grievances in accordance with the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement. Upon securing permission (such permission shall not be unreasonably delayed or denied) from a supervisor, the representative shall be permitted reasonable time to investigate, present and process grievances on University property during regular working hours. Such activities are not to disrupt University operations.

Section 8. A reasonable number of Union representatives shall be permitted access to areas of the campus that are open to the general public for the purpose of communicating and meeting with GAs, provided that the Union does not disrupt the operations of the University.

Section 9. The Union shall have the same right of access to post information on departmental bulletin boards as other external groups and individuals.

Section 10. If the University conducts an orientation of GAs at the University, School, College or department level, it shall inform the Union of the schedule for the orientation and permit the Union to use the meeting space for thirty minutes after the conclusion of such orientation to meet with GAs who wish to do so.

Section 11. The University shall allow three (3) GAs to serve as Release-Time Union Representatives. Two of the Release-Time Union Representatives shall receive stipends at the 20- hour per week level and one shall receive a 10-hour stipend (or 10-hour addition to the individual’s regular GA appointment level up to a 20-hour per week maximum) to devote such time to Union work. GAs in their first year of graduate study shall not be eligible for designation as a ReleaseTime Union Representative. The Union will designate the individuals selected at least sixty (60) days in advance of the first day of instruction during each semester. The release time and support for a Release-Time Union Representative will end at any time that the individual’s appointment as a GA ceases. In the event a vacancy in a Release-Time Union Representative position occurs during a semester, the University and Union will consult concerning arrangements for succession.