Section 1. The University will not discipline a GA during the term of the GA’s current appointment without just cause. As used in this article “discipline” means a written warning, a suspension without pay or a dismissal from a GA appointment based upon job-related misconduct or job performance of an individual who remains enrolled as a graduate student.

Section 2. This article does not apply to determinations by the University to dismiss a graduate student from the University for academic reasons or for non-job-related disciplinary reasons. The Union acknowledges that an individual who ceases to be a graduate student for any reason cannot continue to serve as a GA. An arbitrator shall therefore have no power to order reinstatement to a GA position of an individual who is no longer a graduate student at UConn.

Section 3. Notice of Discipline: The University will promptly notify the GA and the Union in writing of the issuance of discipline, which then may be challenged through the grievance and arbitration procedures of Article 25.

Section 4. Dismissals and Unpaid Suspensions:

A. Prior to the dismissal or unpaid suspension of a GA, the GA shall be provided with a written statement of the reasons for which dismissal or unpaid suspension is being considered. The notice shall include the nature of the alleged violation, the level of discipline contemplated, the right to a hearing and the right to Union representation. Upon request, the GA and Union shall be entitled to a copy of any investigatory report that has been prepared, although confidential information and witness statements may be redacted or withheld.

B. Within seven (7) calendar days of receiving the written statement, the GA may request a hearing before the GA’s department head (or dean for non-departmentalized schools), which a Union representative may attend if the GA so desires. This hearing shall be held within seven (7) calendar days of the GA’s request. The GA and the Union representative shall be provided with an opportunity to respond to the reasons for dismissal or unpaid suspension.

C. Within seven (7) calendar days of the hearing, the department head shall decide whether to dismiss or suspend the GA or not and notify the GA and the Union accordingly. If the decision is to dismiss, the dismissal will take effect immediately. If dismissal is not ordered, the department head may impose a lesser form of discipline or impose no discipline.

D. A decision of the department head to dismiss a GA may within fifteen (15) calendar days be grieved directly to Step 2 of the grievance and arbitration process under Article 25 of this agreement. If the visa status of an international student is threatened by the dismissal of that student as a GA, the University and the Union shall cooperate to expedite the grievance and arbitration process so that, to the extent practicable, the grievance and arbitration process will be completed before the GA loses his or her visa status.

Section 5. The University may place a GA on paid investigatory leave without prior notice in order to investigate allegations of misconduct or dereliction of duty that, in the judgment of the University, warrant relieving the GA from work duties or removing the GA from the premises. The Union will be promptly notified of any such investigatory leave. At the conclusion of the investigation, the University shall notify the GA and the Union of the results of the investigation and either initiate the discipline process or put the GA back to work if the term of the GA’s appointment has not ended. If the term of the GA’s appointment ends during a paid investigatory leave, the paid leave will terminate as of the end of that term.