Section 1. The University shall deduct membership dues and initiation fees from all GAs who choose to be members of GEU-UAW Local 6950. Pursuant to Section 5-280 of the General Statutes, a member of the bargaining unit who is not a member of the Union shall be required, as a condition of continued employment, to pay to the Union a fair share fee not to exceed the amount of membership dues. The Union will communicate the amount of such dues, fair share fees and initiation fees to the University.

Section 2. Within thirty (30) days of the effective date of the contract, the University shall begin deducting dues or non-member fair share fee bi-weekly from the gross paycheck of each GA.

Section 3. The dues and fees deducted under this article shall be transmitted to the Union within ten (10) working days after each payday for which deductions are made.

Section 4. The University shall deduct amounts bi-weekly from the pay of all dues paying GAs whose written authorizations have been provided to the University authorizing it to make specified contributions to the UAW Voluntary Community Action Program (VCAP).

Section 5. The Union will submit an electronic list of all changes to membership and VCAP authorization, including the amount and written authorization with respect to any change in the amount of an authorized VCAP deduction, prior to the deadline for the University to make such deductions, so that the University can make the appropriate deductions.

Section 6. The Union shall receive the same periodic reports with respect to the remittance of such dues deductions as provided by the Comptroller’s office to other unions at the University.

Section 7. GEU-UAW shall hold the University harmless from any liability or damages incurred by the University or its agents in complying with this Article and shall reimburse the University for legal expenses incurred in legal defense of any provision of this article or any action taken by the University in complying with it.