Section 1. The parties recognize that while limited parking resources on campus must be shared by varied constituencies including students, staff and faculty, the University has traditionally provided GAs with more extensive parking privileges than provided to other students as well as access to some employee lots. The University will continue to provide such enhanced parking to GAs, but the specific access arrangements and areas covered by GA parking permits may change as factors such as construction and program changes affect the overall UConn parking plan.

Section 2. The University retains the right to establish and change parking rates, open and close lots, and modify parking conditions and regulations. The University shall provide 30 days advance written notice to the Union of any proposed change in parking rates or regulations affecting GAs.

Section 3. The parking rate charged GAs shall be equivalent to Fifty Per Cent (50%) of the parking rate charged commuter students for a commuter parking permit.

Section 4. The Parking Advisory Committee may meet to discuss and receive comments regarding any proposed changes in parking rates. The University agrees to appoint to the Parking Advisory Committee a member of the bargaining unit who shall be designated by the Union.

Section 5. The Union-Management Committee may consider and make recommendations to the University concerning how parking and transit services can be improved for the benefit of GAs.