Section 1. UConn shall continue to make reasonable provisions for the safety and health of bargaining unit members in pursuit of their work as GAs. Such reasonable provisions shall include providing, maintaining and training in the safe and proper use of equipment and workspace necessary for the work. Appropriate safety equipment shall be furnished to employees as required.

Section 2. The UConn Environmental Health and Safety policy, as effective on October 24, 2014, is incorporated into this Agreement, and updated health and safety policies shall automatically be incorporated herein as replacements for the preceding document.

Section 3. The University agrees to appoint to the Environmental Health and Safety Committee a member of the bargaining unit who shall be designated by the Union. The Union Management Committee established in Article 28, or a subcommittee thereof if the Committee chooses to create one for such purpose, shall include health, safety and security issues in its agenda at the request of either party to the Agreement.