Section 1. As employees of the University, GAs shall have the same intellectual property rights and obligations as other University employees under applicable statutes and University By Laws and policies with respect to inventions, copyrightable works and other intellectual property created while working as a GA.

Section 2. The Union acknowledges that the University may revise its bylaws and policies respecting intellectual property from time to time. Such revisions shall apply to GAs, as employees, upon implementation by the University.

Section 3. A GA who serves as the instructor of record for a course shall have the same rights of ownership as a member of the faculty would have with respect to course materials that the GA develops for the course while working as a GA. If the GA develops course materials pursuant to a separate written contract with the University, the rights of ownership in such materials shall be determined by the terms of such separate contract.

Section 4. GAs shall be subject to and have rights under the Policy on Alleged Misconduct in Research in the same manner as other University employees.

Section 5. The University shall post its current intellectual property policies on its web site.