Section 1. The workload for a full-time graduate assistant shall not exceed an average of twenty (20) hours per week during the term of the GA’s appointment. Alternate percentage appointments will be directly proportional to the full-time appointment. Given the professional nature of GA assignments, the specific hours in any week may vary from the average according to the needs of the employing unit, but will not unreasonably exceed twenty (20) hours, or the prorata equivalent, in any given week.

Section 2. While the parties recognize that the content of work assigned to a GA is a University prerogative, supervisors and departments shall not assign job duties that the GA cannot reasonably perform within the allotted workload hours taking into account the GA’s academic commitments as a graduate student.

Section 3. A GA may request to take time off during academic break periods when classes are not in session. RAs, with the consent of their supervisor, may schedule such time off when classes are in session, subject to the work needs determined by their supervisor. Such requests that are consistent with the deadlines and responsibilities of the GA’s work shall not be unreasonably denied. A GA aggrieved by such a denial may appeal to the Dean of the Graduate School, who shall respond with a decision within five (5) business days. This section is not intended and shall not be interpreted to reduce the time off practices that existed prior to the effective date of this Agreement.

Section 4. Any work assignment, including but not limited to, preparation work, training, orientation, required meetings, required conferences and required office hours, shall be included in the total workload for the period of the appointment, including duties that occur outside the academic semester. This shall not include obligations that are required of an individual graduate student as part of his or her academic program of study.

Section 5. In the case of change of GA job assignment, any work completed in the original assignment will count toward the hour limit for the semester.

Section 6. For GAs whose assignment exceeds the number of assigned hours, pursuant to Section 1 above, the University will (1) pay for additional hours already worked on a pro rata basis and reduce the GA’s assignment so as not to exceed an average of 20 hours per week, or its pro-rata equivalent, for the remainder of the term of the GA’s appointment; or (2) provide for assistance for the completion of ongoing additional work; or (3) with the consent of the GA, increase the workload specified in the appointment letter for a fractional appointment to include the additional hours of work and increase the GA’s stipend commensurately; or implement another solution agreed upon by the University and the GA and Union.

Section 7. If a GA contends that the GA’s workload exceeds the maximum required by the GA’s assignment, the GA shall first discuss this with the GA’s faculty supervisor (or department head, as appropriate) in an effort to resolve the matter. A Union representative may participate in this discussion if the GA desires.

Section 8. If the GA’s concern is not resolved by the faculty supervisor or department head, the GA may submit a written Workload Review Request to the Dean of the Graduate School, specifying the reasons supporting the GA’s claim. Within ten (10) days, the Dean of the Graduate School will respond in writing.

Section 9. If the GA does not accept the decision of the Dean of the Graduate School, the Union may appeal it in the form of a grievance submitted directly to the arbitration step of the grievance and arbitration procedures of this Agreement.