September 6th: First Membership Meeting of Fall 2017

Welcome back everyone! As the new academic year gets on the way, so does the regular schedule of our monthly membership meetings. Our first meeting will be held on the Storrs Campus on September 6th at 6PM in Gentry, Room 144. In this meeting we will discuss our agenda for the semester and the financial state of our union. This is where you can voice you opinions and vote on the motions before the membership. Meeting is open to all members. If you are interested to attend but unable to do so because of transportation issues, please let us know and we will do our best to arrange a ride for you.

There will also be free pizza!

Here are the dates for the monthly membership meetings during Fall Semester 2017:

September 6th @ 6PM – Gentry 144, Storrs Campus
October 4th @ 6PM – Gentry 144, Storrs Campus
November 1st @ 6PM – Gentry 144, Storrs Campus
December 6th @ 6PM – Gentry 144, Storrs Campus