Bargaining Update and Bargaining Tomorrow!

Our bargaining session on Tuesday did not yield an agreement. However, the University’s team agreed to meet with us tomorrow (Friday), and they have expressed a desire to reach a full agreement at that session. We share that desire, but it will require making progress on some key issues.

On Tuesday, both sides exchanged comprehensive proposals aimed at reaching a final agreement. Yet, we are still very far apart on a number of key issues, including wages and fees. The University is holding fast on several of their positions, and we have not yet seen proposals from them that we could recommend that you accept. 

We hope that Friday’s session will yield an agreement. As your elected bargaining committee, we are committed to staying as late into the night as we need to in order to see it through. However, we know that there are some issues on which we cannot afford to concede to the University’s proposals. We plan to continue working toward improvements of conditions for GAs while attempting to be responsive to some of the concerns their team has raised at the table. 

Over the months, we have come together as GAs and built power through majority actions on campus and through solidarity with each other. We’ve drawn strength from the commitment of our members to make UConn a better place to teach and research. Many of us have grown frustrated with the University’s refusal to address some of the most important issues and intend on holding a sit in next week. We hope the University will be reasonable tomorrow so we do not have to take such action and can focus on our teaching and research. Thank you for standing with us.